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We're a Eureka, California-based independent marketer of petroleum products.

Whether you're a high-volume industrial fuel user or a home-owner looking for the most efficient and economical way to heat your house and purchase fuel, we provide the products, services and equipment you need.

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Renner Prepaid Cards are the ideal gift for your friends and family this year. They'll be especially appreciated by the kid who is off to college or that new job.

Not only can it be used at our 11 local Renner cardlock locations, it can also be used at over 40,000 nationwide CFN & Fuelman locations.

This is one gift that won't be returned!

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DEF Now Available at the Pump!

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is now available at the Pump at our Arcata CardLock location and will be available in Eureka and Fortuna on March 1, 2013.   [ Read More ]

Pure Gas is Now Available

Pure gas should be used in all your small engine and outboard motor applications. Three problems Ethanol can cause:  [ Read More ]

Where does the USS Independence Refuel in Humboldt County? (Hint)